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Major Season 1 Episode 2

Goro wakes up to find his dad practicing batting. He is going to become a batter.
Honda's buddy from highschool is in the paper.
Pitcher turned batter. Quite the dream.
Giant Cannon Robo got smashed, Goro will be pissed.
 New character Toshino is shown playing videogames instead of doing drills. HE IS IN ELEMENTARY. Japan doesn't fuck around.
 Toshi takes an intrest in what Goro is doing,
Goro sees him and says let's play. Toshi is obviously the typical study study study hammered nail down type kid. It makes Goro look like a delinquent.
Toshi declines because he doesnt have a glove, or balls for that matter.
Goro busts in and imposes baseball upon the local. The nerd is intrigued.
You mean ?
Meanwhile Honda goes back with a wild notion that he is now the hitter they have been looking for.

In 1992 I was an impressionable youth, I was shown Mr. Baseball, Little Nemo and Terminator 2. What A wild combo.
 I can't believe a 10 year old me sat through something like that.
Such a great animation with Miyazaki's help.
And what makes that cider so super?
 They decide to give Honda a chance.
 His friend that he seen in the paper happens to be there and decides its a great time to challenge Honda like they did back in high school.
 A pro pitcher would destroy a new batter.
 Honda is losing.......
 But starts to predict and believe because he was once a pitcher (hours ago.) that he can predict what is going on at bat.
Success Honda gets a home run in fear of working at Lawson's.
 One thing that I noticed is so far the food they have been sitting near or finished has been Hybrid or more English food. Most anime will have characters eating staple fish and rice, Ramen or Soba, some house bento or sushi, hot pot, shabu shabu, onigiri, tako, uni or some sort of pickled rice dish. Toast in the mornings. In only two episodes I've seen Sausage, eggs and toast, salad and now steak. I applaud them for this.
 I don't see any cows around.
 Spoken like NOT an elementary gaki.
 Mean while Toshi is getting his ass ripped by Okasan.
 From Elementary to Adult, Japan doesn't fuck around # 2.
 Meanwhile, again Goro's sensei Hoshino is runnin around in the teacher housing listening to complaints of cleaning duties.
Coincidence or creepy?
Hoshino looks out the balcony and spots Goro who is on his way to train.
 Hoshino's friend might have a point or she is infatuated with the kid.

Toshi's super strict mom won't allow Toshi to play baseball. Goro turns around to find that the glove he gave Toshi is on a trash can. Goro is upset.
 Honda explains to Goro that he might be misunderstanding the situation if he didn't ask Toshi about the glove. That's right, morals.
 Toshi flips out on his mom and wants the glove back, his mom says she will get another one for him when he passes the test. Life is a series of tests.
Onto Episode 3

Major Season 1 Episode 1

Im about to start this Juggernaut  This baseball drama has been around for a long time. Any collector worth their salt has come across Major in manga for or otherwise. Major is the biggest of all the baseball series which I figured that I would have to go through one day. Today I'll see what it's about. Anime only, I'm not intrested in seeing how it compares to the manga.

Story starts with Honda who is AAA big star with a foot in the majors

Honda has a killer arm and is established in the Blue Ocean's

His family loves watching him play. His kid Goro is very proud of his dad.

That's right "Goro" It's an odd name in the west.

The main character has a bit of competition though in all seriousness it is somewhat a common name for big families in Japan. I haven't seen his name spelled yet but From Japanese (go) "five" and (rou) "son". This was traditionally a name for the fifth son.

Goro has been training feverishly to be like his dad and why wouldn't he? His Sensei hilariously says "I'll be the batter" not "what a childish dream". Usually teachers IRL are focused on the big money not some dream of being a baseball star.

Wanting to be a great pitcher he shows his teacher a fast ball. She is stunned shounen forshadowing style. Wow.

This is 2 minutes and 33 seconds into a 200 Episode series. Oh yes.

Smashy Smashy
Sensei ganbate's that ball into a near by window gaining the attention of the principal.

Suddenly we are thrust into a rocky montage complete with over dramatic music.
The montage ends with Goro being beaten by playground bullies. He is saved by sensei.
The show flashes to Goro's dad meeting up with the family. How nice.
Oh, Mom has a headache. Weird.
Oh no, Mom has a headache again.
OMG! Just like that Goro's Mom is gone. Disney takes longer to kill of the mom role. 6 minutes and 10 seconds in his mom dies. This show must be brutal.
One mom box to go.
Laying it on thick 7 minutes in.
Sensei hangin with her troubled student while dad is on TV.
OOps dad hurt his arm at 33, he is completely done for. So sad. Goro doesnt take the news lightly.
Sensei tries to consult the grieving kindergarten student, Goro flips out.
Dad deals with having to find a new career. He comes to pick up Goro but finds that Goro has ran off.
Confident he knew his son would be back they get a knock at the door but instead of finding Goro, he finds his former boss his his son tired. Goro found his dads boss and begged for his dad not to let go. That is quite embarrassing. No instant happy endings here.
In a giant turn of events his father becomes a mass murderer.
Goro's dad get a brillant idea at the end that instead of pitching he should start batting. Wow what a first episode.

I might be insane but I'm pretty sure that in baseball there is no choice, Each player has to do everything. but I could be wrong. after all I never seen Sosa or Mcguire pitch ever.

So far very little baseball is mentioned.
Second Ep _Their Friendship.