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RahXephon TV Ep 1 OverLord

RahXephon is a title that was known as a neon genesis clone at the time. Many people liked it but I was in the crowd that ignored it for later viewing. Now is the time I can view Rahxephon so here is my take on it. Digi paint of 2002 fame Bones production. Don't ask me why but i get Rahxephon and Neo Ranga confused all the time. 1998 vs 2002, I gotta slap myself.

Tokyo Normal?
As an uneducated unwashed reviewer from the looking glass of other reviewers This story starts with some classical music followed by some top gun esc plane taking off from base while the assumed captain sits calm listening to classic music, a woman removed the headphones leans over and mentions something resembling Shits about to start foreshadowing. I don't know about you but I'm hooked.

Thats totally not Asuka
20 seconds into the show then it cuts to a painting of Asuka followed by a slow reveal of a boy alone in a big house without supervision. From the note on the table + food,  Mom has to work late. Another trope on the check list.

The boy leaves the house and as he leaves we are cut away to some handi cam stalker on a balcony. Sweet plot progression.The main character joins up with a male and female. The girl is revealed to be Hiroko, She gives the main character shit and he in return mentions he thinks someone is following him. Hiroko breaks tension with "oh shit we are going to be late!"

The show then cuts back to where the main character was looking at the note. There are two suits reporting to a mysterious caller.

Yes maam your fish eye camera is still in the pantry

Back to the main characters the main is named Ayato. So Ayato, Hiroka and their buddy are going to be late and then Bam, the train gets wrecked. Just like that. Also, I'm only 5 minutes into the first episode.
Penny on the tracks OOOps!

Their buddy's name is Mamoru who suddenly fell asleep.
Girl or guy? he went with guy.  O_o

They get into a wreck and only come out of it with minor scrapes and bruises. Ayato seems to be dull and lifeless about the situation.He seems to be puzzeled about the red stuff coming from Hiroka's arm.
Why do they call them fingers if they don't "fing" ?
Ayato bolts off to find help only to see Robot Alchemic Drive (R.A.D. for PS2) levels of damage. On a side note I gotta say I enjoy the BASS they put into the dub. sounds great and really hypes up the action. He gets outside only to find there is someone or something roaming around and the military is no match for it. The stalker shows up to the wreckage and then runs off. We then see 2 of japan's finest jet fighters get taken down by the ship that launched in the beginning. yea.

Great............crazy pigeon lady survived. 
 Ayato runs through the rubble avoiding random building explosions till he happens upon a girl surrounded by morning doves. She turns and Ayato mentions something like "Mashima"
So detailed.
 My first eyecatch, this is going to be a long series.
Superior vending technology, works without power and sideways.
The new girl is named mashima, She seems to like the timid Ayato who doesn't have a clue what is happening. Once again, Mashima talks soft and seems to know whats going on. She mentions the word Dolem.

Meanwhile Hiroka and Mamoru are chillin.
It cuts to the military taking care of all the train survivors. Where'd Ayato go? ............................................Suddenly/ without warning the show goes into batshit insane mode. Hey what the fuck? Does this shit happen regularly? maybe like Bokurano style?
 One of the suits in a helicopter says the govt brought this "thing" out. Um, thing is destroying our town.
Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 176? WTF!
 My suspension of belief has been dangerously stressed to it's limits 12 minutes into ep 1.
Don't look behind you.
So this dude says "Allegretto" meaning that thing flying around.
This woman (with the help of Wonka vision.) rambles off about the "Ollin" It won't awaken without Ollin and even if it did it wouldn't be able to sing.

Don't even try to imagine eyes on her. Don't do it.
A woman then flips around with the sudden and alarming news of we found the Ollin. Just like that.

 The show cuts back to Ayato and Mashima walking around a clean and functional part of the subway when Mashima stops near a well placed poster. She then (TO OUR SURPRISE) disappears just to have the two suits that have been searchiong for Ayato catch up with him. They say they are from the goverment and he is to come with them. The niceties stop there as one of the suits pulls out a 9mm and puts it to Ayato's head. Perdictably this is when our stalker shows up to save Ayato, and she is a badass. After dismanteling both suits she turns to Ayato and says "I want a thank you for your rescue" and "aren't you wondering why that agents blood is blue".
Falcon Kick 

Blue Blood Eh?
Damn Sharpies

 Actually no, There are numerous questions lady, the blue blood is last in line on that list. She then states "come with me if you want to live", terminator style complete with shades removal while she is saying it. She straight up sighs and says "I'll tell you everything about this world". Like a hand holding tutorial in the newest console game she's going to school you in your downright existence of all things.

-Suddenly Ayato spots Mashima in the doorway of the train. Ayato then jumps into the train, leaving the stalker behind. The stalker seems disappointed emotionally as she watches it pull off into the darkness.
Meanwhile the FNG Ayato that was saved by his stalker, is making sweet fake promises to the teleporting train girl swearing that he will protector her.
The guy that does shadows took a day off.
So then the train announces that they are headed to Xephon Shrine. Oh, shit we missed our stop.
Proof like you didn't believe me.
 Getting kind of Yu-Gi-Oh like around there.
Nightmare fuel
 Guess we better get the dueling cards out.
Who wrote this thing?
Send "Fortissimo" out is what this dude is saying. They then launch Fortissimo.

Another woman is revealed. So each weapon has a corresponding woman.
Rah Xephon's shrine
 Outside of that train station is twilight paradise where a spherical waterfall nurtures a giant egg.
The Dolem reveal themselves

Then the Stalker girl calls them "The Mu".
 Loud singing is heard while Ayato and Mashima are in the shrine, something is calling to Ayato. He drops to the floor and screams Rah.... Xephon and disappears all to the blank stares of Mashima.
Crazy Town has arrived
The threat is shown and that ends the episode.

-Overall the first episode has kept my interest, There are a grip of questions that have yet to be answered (I'm not losing sleep over it.)  I will move faster though this 26 episode series and then onto the movie to see if it holds up to other reviewers reviews.

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New anime 2015

The new season is upon us.
Starting with Ikuhara craziness.

Yurikuma Areshi.
I'm in love with that floor.

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NYCC 2014

Say nothin. Look at nothing. Absorb anything any everything we have to say. Yeesh.

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Resident Evil 2 First Run PSX

Hate for America that went un noticed.