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Your Name

Pretty good Shinkai film

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Anime 2017 Q2

89 Shows, 47 New

Thanks to AniCharts- They work hard to make DLs even easier. They continue to evolve even though no one asked them to.

I think it would be absolute hell to be an anime reviewer because seriously, 47 new shows and you gotta have an opinion about everyone of them. Aint nobody got time for that.

These usually separate the happy "casual fan" from the ones that truly have no hope

Holy Shit, This is a big week of crap to watch. So lets start, I get most of my info from Anime News Network which is great because they are always on top of things. Their opinions and quality is sometime questionable. Crunchy for easy watching, Nyaa for rare shows, Sankaku for hentai and yesz, Scruffy lived the way scruffy died. It's just the way it is.



-BEYBLADE Burst God Ep1: Why is this show still around! It is the equivalent of a great depression game where you spin a top at the same time someone else spins a top onto a concave surface in an attempt to knock the other player out and the whole thing is meant to be gambled on. Teaching the new age the old ways in the form of tops. Maybe someone spent too much on tops and are trying desperately to justify the old game.
-Puzzle and Dragons X Ep 39: Holy crap this old capcom trivia game is still going. Who keeps this show alive?
-Sentai Heroes Sukiyaki Force Ep 1: The fact that no one has ripped this show and its up to 61 tells me all I need to know.
-Warau Salesman NEW Ep1: I love how engrishy shit like "NEW" pops up in old shows. Not as bad as "BURST" though. Ew. The premise sounds like a horror trope where as the wishmaster has plainly said many times, do you wish it? Being careful what you wish for is boring, The wishgiver Moguro just looks like a creep. It might be good.
- Star Myu 2 Ep1: another show with an all male cast. Might be fujoshi bait or dull animators going through the motions of getting the product out and around. Dudes sing.
- KochinPa! Dainiki Ep 18: Wow I had only seen the first 4 eps of the first season, this short show is hilarious. Clocking in at 15 seconds, Its so short nothing can get done. The chars are chibi and the jokes come lighting fast.
-Frame Arms Girl Ep1: Sounds like a mildly generic Rozen Maiden. Might be a big hit in the garage kit sector.
- Yowamushi Pedal New Generation Ep 13: Second half of the 3rd Season of Yowapeda, the first season didn't have me hooked even though I watched a fair amount of it. It has a Bakuman excited shonen feel to it but it features two very distinct things I do not enjoy, Bikes and then boys.... the female interest was not enough for me to stick around.
-Onihei Ep13: The Edo period is one of the most fun. I've seen read watched and played a ton of media revolving around the Edo period. I have yet to sit and watch this series but I can probably say it's good without having seen the show. One for the backlog
 -Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Ep 1 A new Light Novel adaptation. These are usually really good or forgettable bad. It's a trend right now to put "RE" at the front of these show titles. Zero is the hope I have for this one, JK.



-Idol Time Pripara Ep 1 Wow episode 1 really. I don't think I have ever witnessed the beginning to any of the Pripara series. How quaint. The main girl starts off in Preparajuku (well right there insta-Japan only)who dreams of being an Idol. those are some heavy dreams for a little kid. She heads to an Idol theme park...... This seems too creepy for me to continue.
-Shounen Ashibe Go! Go1 Goma-chan 2 Ep 1: It straight says it follows the life of the baby spotted seal. don't get better than that for seal fans, SEAL FANS?
 -Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten EWp 1: Yes you read that right, it's another light novel featuring miniskirts, crotch straps and those oh so popular snowflaked magic wards that look so great in animation (especially in 3D)
-Cinderella Girls Gekijou Ep1: Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, chibi in a 5-koma. Not sure who it's for? Miura perhaps?
- Sakura Quest Ep 1: Ohh hey an original show. It's so rare now a days to see an original work. Most of what has been coming out has been established or is a frikkin light novel adaptation. 5 girls work in the tourism bureau, could be good.
-Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine Ep1: Based off a manga about four princeses (dudes)and their tutor. -Fukumenkei Noise Ep 1: It's listed as Music Romance. I believe its been done but this is based off a manga.
-Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Li desu ka? Ep 1: "What are you doing at the end? Are you busy? Can you save me?"  Whah WHAT! Another fucking light novel. I swear this is a long title but I have seen longer. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Zoku or Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo?. Guess not. We might have a new winner. 12 episodes might be a god send. Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy wo Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru is another one. The name length is out of hand.
-Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Ep1: Sixth season of an established Yokai series.
Wed Nes Day/Thurs


-Battle Spirits Double Drive Ep 53 another Bandai Namco series that doesn't call it quits. it's 8th or 9th season
-Boruto Naruto Next Generations Ep1: Naruto's son Boruto's Adventures. We can all kind of figure that huge shonen series like Naruto is not going away.
-Neko Neko Nihonshi Ep 53: More folktales in the animorph style
-Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan! Ep 1 Short comedy series based on 5 min episodes. It's making fun of evil corps so it might be funny.
-Love Kome We Love Rice Ep1: Thank the gods it said we love rice and not "Love Rice" which sounds sick. The show follows 5 boys as they shine at the harvest show. Sounds like Fujoushi bait to me.
-Busou Shoujou Machiavellianism Ep1: Be glad you didn't have to type "machiavellianism" Women rule and the main character must fight the "Five Ruling Swords" to break free. I guess it could be worse.
-Sagrada Reset Ep 1:Another adaptation of a light novel.
-Kobayashi-San Chi no Maidragon Ep  13: Second half of a well liked series from KyoAni. I have yet to watch the first half, its on Backlog


-Aikatsu Stars! Hoshi no Tsubasa Ep 1: Bandai Namco and more Aikatsu. It seems to be doing well for them.
-Pokemon Sun & Moon Ep21: More than 1000 episodes at this point, this series needs no introduction. They messed with the formula a bit and took the show in a new direction. Thats not to say anything has changed because it sure hasn't  it's just more angular in it's HD ness.
 - Mim mam Mint Ep 68: What the hell? I want to know more.
-Tsuki Ga Kirei Ep1: The key art looks amazing. Teen Romance

Thurs -Fri

-Clockwork Planet Ep1: Another Light Novel adaptation, the Key art looks good. Typical story of kid in big world happens apon chance to become bigger than the world. For those not jaded a female robot falls into his lap and gives him a chance to be a hero. Might be good.
-Kyoufu Zombie Neko Ep 80: Another 5 minute series that didn't make it over.
-Kabukibu! Ep 1: Light Novel, all boy cast.... Pass.
-Renai Boukun Ep1: Manga show about a male main and a harem, comedy. Looked OK from the Crunchy Previews.
-Sore Ike! Anpanman Ep 1488 The many adventures of the sweet confectioner sugar super hero.
-Rilu Rilu Fairilu Mahou no Kigami Ep 1: Second season of Farilu. The fairies are pretty funny.
-Aware! Meisaku-kun Ep 53:Comedy show with a mix of characters.
-Youkai Watch Ep170 Level 5's Hit contnues.
-Doraemon 2005 Ep 626 Established brands continue
-Crayon Shin-Chan Ep 1304 Shin-Chan contiunes onward
-Mori No Yousei Kinoko No Musume Ep 14: Second half of Fairy Forest 5
-Hinako Note Ep1: Slice of life, Cute girls nonsense based off manga. I'm sure some asshole has already read the whole thing somehow. Nice artstyle, colors are easy on eyes.


-Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season Ep41:Another Pie in the Sky show.
-Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! Ep1: Says its based on a Chinese web comedy manga.That gould go two ways.
-Twin Angel BreakEp1 A new magic girl series.
-Seikaisuru Kado Ep1: Toei Original that doesnt sound so good.
-BERSERK 2 Ep 1 Horrible CGI ver of berserk that carries on after the eclipse in no particular order. -Nobunaga no Shinobi Ise Kanegasaki-hen Ep1 A cute short series about a Shinobi in in the times of Nobunaga.Second series.
-Panpaka Pants O New-san Ep1 The pig who collects underwear season 3. Gotta wonder who this is for?
-Buppu na Mainichi Ep5 Nothing is available here for this one. The story reads a story that focuses on a cat living with ten dogs.
-Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul Ep1 The first series did pretty well here. Virgin Soul sounds like more engrish
-Bonobono 2 Ep 52: Ive got the first series but I haven't given it the time of day.
-Kamizama Wanda Ep51 TMS trying to get on the Youkai Watch bandwagon. Collecting bugs does not go well in the US. We would level the forest and build a mini mall.
-Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Ep27 I was never a fan of digimon but I have played some of the games. I've heard it was good. The designs don't catch my eye. The series does go from blob like creatures to merged behemoths. This new one has a decent style to it.

Fri -Sat
Sat -Sun
                         Saturday- Sunday


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Puck, Isidro, Farnese, Schierke and Serpico all seem to be here.

  Coming in July I'm hyped up for this. I hope they get to some of the finer points past the eclipse. Hopefully Rickett made it too.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Pokemon Indigo League Ep 002 Pokemon Emergency

I just noticed from the intro that Pikachu has been a perv since the very beginning. It paints a different perception in my head now of how Pikachu is. I've caught him flipping off the audience many times. I'll post as i go.

I've heard of complaints of the new 3d detective pikachu game that had him doing that. I see that that is part of his character. He is a belligerent rat. Who the hell is the girl? I don't recall guess ill find out.

The say Po-Ka-Mon yet sing Po Kay-mon. 4K didn't give a fuck.
Poke' MON
It opens with another character that didn't get to much action in the game. Holy crap this cop is sellin that script, porn star VA's are less jubilant.

Not even 10 minutes into his journey and pikachu is done for.

first mention of Jessie and James.
The cop runs ash to the hospital nwhile misty comes seeking revenge.

Misty from revenge town.
 Late to the party ash narrowly misses the burn bike beatdown.
Jessie/Musashi and James/Kojiro
Jessie and james are the minions in the game that try to capture anything the main character has caught. It lways ends in disaster for them which is part of the running gag.

They are very serious in the beginning. They are the laughing stock of the show.
Two NPCs meet.
She typed Nightmare into this windows 98 PC.
 This nurse literally throws your poke balls into a magic incubator in the game curing each without status worries, but the show. Sends in the Nightmares.
My personal nightmare.
Ive heard less slurring from woman after a bottle of wine. These VAs must have been into the roles.

No lip flap goes un worded.

The actual anime story is hidden beneath a moutain of english dub nonsence. That's not a bad thing. You don't want to bore the kids to death. I've watched the first season in Japanese. The dub has a lot more going for it.

"It to your dad 4 days to get to veridion city"

So Ash's dad was a pokemon trainer? Is he ever mentioned again?
How Japanese

These useful kiosks from the game appear where they are supposed to.
White Album was boring.
 These payphones are common in Japan. America has phased them out, they are a rarity to see. outside of airports or prisons anyway.

Barf Hello, Barf.

Noted for their green color, comparing them to pokemon magic is a waste of time.
Sick legends bro.

Ash notices that there is a painting of legendary pokemon in the hospital lobby.

Which happens to be a conference call.
They are making it seem like Ash is in some set up world like the Truman Show. Nevermind lettiung a 10 year old child "journey across the land". You must go collect them all. Creepy.
Pissty has arrived.
We'll send the bill to your MOM, kid.
Pikachu ends up being Ok. What a relief.
Ekans, Koffing

Team Rocket appears. They want rare pokemon. All hell breaks loose turning the hospital into a mess, the crew runs into the pokeball room where the lights go out.

Oh not to worry, the hospital has their own source of back up generator
As a defense the pokeballs are transported via satellite to another center
Anti theft teleportation.
 In a world where nothing but capturing Pokemon matters,  they have automated defenses ready to go.
Meowth Takes charge
 Nya? Meowth is the only redeemable char in Team rocket.
Pikachu destroys Team rocket
 "Gonna need a montage". They dim the flash effects because kids in Japan went into seizures watching the first season. Now everything is dimmed.
Veridion City's hospital is obliterated by the new guy.
They talk about ash having to go to Pewter city but they have to go through Veridion City's Forrest to get there. Ash encounters his first pokemon since Pikachu technically doesnt stay in the pokeball.

I used to catch the hell out of caterpies

Episode 2 ends with Ash trying to capture a caterpie. No one is responsible for the destroyed hospital or buying misty a new bike.

Pokemon Indigo League Ep 001 Pokemon! I Choose You!

I gotten ahold of all episodes of Pokemon. My god what has my life come to? Half Dub half sub I know about name changes and what not. Ive played through the first game which was excellent its old school and seemed to work the best. XY &Z is the new iteration I'm going to start from the beginning.

Just like the game Ash/Satoshi starts in house and has to get a pokemon from the professor figure. The First 3 pokemon are Squirtle, Bulbasar, Charmander. I'm not sure who would pick anyone but charmander but it all seemed to be the same game with minor changes.
That is actually a later level pokemon, Ash got a good deal.

Misty is a charcter that a bunch of people favor, She ends up being a gym leader down the road.
Misty/Kasumi in her natural element. Yelling at ash.
Ash meets misty and then staels her bike to go save pikachu. Misty is now an active part of Ashs journey.

Wrath of Kasumi.
In the pokemon manga everything bwas a bit more serious. Spearow did attack but it was more violent. The first episode ends with not only an outro (ED) , in the dub includes a "POKERAP" to hammer the collectors series on home. Definitely a product of its time. Or 4kids time. Thank god those days are over.

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